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About HSM

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Free CAM for SolidWorks

CAM Mania Featuring

HSMWorks Job Setup

Creating A New Job

Working Coordinate Systems

Setting Up Machine Simulation

SolidWorks Coordinate Systems & Fixture offsets

Define Stock From A Part Or Solid Body

Advanced Stock Definition

Working With Round Stock

HSM Tool Libraries

Understanding Tool Libraries

Creating Tools

Creating Tools Using Excel

HSM 2D Toolpaths

Facing Toolpath

Facing Toolpath Parameters

2D Contours

2D Contours GEO. Selection

2D Contours Parameters

2D Pockets

Negative Stock To Leave

Open Pockets

Slot Milling

Chamfer Milling

Radius Milling

Drilling Operations

HSM 3D Toolpaths

Intro To 3D Machining

Shaft & Holder Collision Avoidance

Overview of 3D Machining Strategies

HSM Multi-Axis Toolpaths

3+2 Programming Part 1

3+2 Programming  Part 2

3+2 Programming  Part 3

HSM Turning & Post Processing

Fundamentals of Turning

Spun Profile

Intro to Post Processing

Post-Processor Webinars

Post Development Series Part 1

Post Development Series Part 2

Post Development Series Part 3

Post Development Series Round 3

Multi-Axis Webinars

Tips and Tricks with Rob Lockwood

Don't Fear 5-Axis

HSM Features & More

Adaptive Clearing Deep Dive

The Future of Making Things