Create optimized and associative multi-sheet layouts for cutting on CNC machines.

What is Nesting?

Nesting software helps you optimize yield from flat raw material. Easily compare nesting studies to optimize efficiency and reduce costs and export 3D models of the completed nest for cutting path generation.

  • Generate multiple sheet nests in a single study, allowing for multiple material and packaging options

  • Compare the efficiency and costs associated with different nesting studies to maximize job profitability

  • Specify allowable orientations to ensure consistent grain direction on all parts when required for aesthetics or to prevent cracking in subsequent bending operations

Why use Nesting software?

Minimize scrap costs

Optimize material yield with automatic detection of material, thickness, and part quantity.

Get to fabrication faster

Generate setups, toolpaths, and NC code directly within the Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication Extension or without leaving the Inventor interface.

Improve collaboration

Create customizable reports, nest parts from multiple documents, and specify part rotation constraints.

Nesting Solutions

Access extended nesting and fabrication functionality for multi-sheet layouts, advanced part and material controls, and more.

CAD-embedded, true-shape nesting tools
Available only as part of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.