Plastic Injection & Mold Simulation

Make parts and molds right the first time.

Simulate your complete plastic injection molding process. Optimize your part design, mold design, and manufacturing process. Create high-quality plastic products, and avoid potential manufacturing defects.

Gain important insights sooner

Up-front mold simulation lets you optimize plastic part designs before manufacturing to increase efficiency, minimize reliance on physical prototypes, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

Designed-in manufacturability

Mold simulation gives part designers the ability to explore more design options more rapidly and identify manufacturing issues much earlier in the design process.

Optimize designs for molded part manufacturability

Molding simulation can help designers and engineers to understand risks early in the design process, allowing the ability to address these before becoming fully invested. Simulation software gives engineers, mold makers, and other molding professionals accurate digital prototyping solutions, and help bring better products to market faster.

Plastic Injection & Mold Simulation Software

Simulation and design tools for plastic injection and compression molding.

Simulation Extension for structural, thermal, explicit, and injection molding simulations.

Expert CAM software for programming molds, dies, and highly complex components.

CAD modeling software to prepare complex parts for manufacture.