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Take Back Control of your Production

Prodsmart offers a suite of versatile manufacturing tools and analytical insights for effective resource planning, leading to optimized manufacturing throughput and increased operational efficiency.

  • Reduce unnecessary production errors and costs
  • Instant real-time visibility into the production line
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Get ahead of deadlines with smoother production operation
  • Consolidate production management to a single source of truth


  • Drag and Drop Scheduler

    Have full control and visibility into your Schedule and easily adjust your Production. Find out when you are under or over capacity.

    • Full visibility into your production planning
    • Easily plan your production by dragging operations
    • Filter operations by machine, operator, production order/job or product
    • Locate bottlenecks
  • MES / Mobile Production Tracking

    Track your shop floor production in real-time and understand your overall performance, including bottlenecks.

    • Mobile App & Shopfloor Tracking
    • Reports & Analytics
    • Standard Dashboards
    • Chat, Announcements & Communication Tools
    • Downtime Reasons
  • Labels & Barcode Scanning

    Improve your labeling system and use barcodes for an easy and reliable way to collect information.

    • Production tracking
    • Inventory movements
    • Consumptions
    • Zebra printing support
  • Lot Traceability

    Achieve full traceability in real-time, from raw materials to final products.

    • Traceability
    • Real and Automatic Consumptions
    • Serialization
  • Quality Management

    Stay on top of your Quality Assurance and Compliance, digitally managing your Quality System and being audit-ready in minutes.

    • Waste and Waste Categories
    • Quality Analytics
    • Quality Checklists
    • Parameters
    • Quality Policies
    • Document Management System
  • Work Instructions

    Standardize Procedures and avoid Costly mistakes by delivering comprehensive step-by-step digital work instructions to your shop floor team.

    • Supports Multi-images
    • Support Multi-steps
    • Support Documents and text
    • Possibly assigned to Products, Operations
    • Zoomable images
  • Maintenance

    Record and manage preventive or corrective Maintenance orders and requests for a full track of operations and an easier planning of future actions.

    • Single and Recurrent Maintenance Orders planning and management
    • Real-time progress information
    • Maintenance Records
    • Maintenance Checklists and Checklists records
  • API Access & Additional Integrations

    Have access to our API for on-premise integrations with other softwares or platforms.

    • ERP integration
    • Accounting, Finances and BI integration
    • Machine connections and integrations
    • WMS integration
    • CRM Integrations
    • Other softwares or devices
  • E-commerce and Carrier Integrations

    All your orders in one place and shipping solved.

    • Get orders from Amazon, Shopify, Wayfair, Woocommerce, Walmart, Etsy and more
    • Connect your preferred carriers
    • Print shipping labels
    • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime support