Vault + coolOrange Automation

Integrate Vault data with your ERP

October 19 | 10 AM CST

What can COOLORANGE do?

COOLORANGE is a hyper-specialized provider of software tools and plug-ins for Autodesk PDM/PLM designed to fuel your manufacturing projects with extra power.

  • BOM comparison

  • Quick and reliable multilevel BOM transfer

    While performing the transfer level by level, powerGate can load a complete multilevel BOM into the BOM transfer dialog, compare it with ERP, identify all the required actions and eventually transfer all the BOM levels correctly.

  • Immediate feedback

    Whenever a BOM cannot be created or updated due to specific business restrictions or rules, or in case the BOM transfer fails, powerGate immediately shows which BOM and which components are affected by which problem.

  • Mass item creation

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  • Item Numbering

    With powerGate, you can load a complete multilevel BOM and process (create or update) all the involved items. This way, identifying missing items and creating them or identifying pending changes for existing items and updating them becomes very easy.

  • Deep CAD Integration

    powerGate extends Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD, providing access to ERP data and ERP-related workflows directly within your authoring tool.

  • Raw materials and purchase parts

  • Live connection

    All actions, like creating or updating items or BOMs, happen in real time – no delay, no need for synchronization. In case the entered data is not compliant with the business rules, the ERP system provides the given error message to the user thanks to powerGate, allowing them to take action accordingly.

    The live connection displays the item and the BOM information right within Vault, giving access to ERP relevant data without leaving the application.

  • Data viewing and updating

  • Wiring the workflows

    Validating ERP-related data during Vault lifecycle operations ensures that the engineering data stays in sync with the ERP data, preventing downstream problems.

  • Items and files

  • Publishing the documentation to ERP

    In combination with powerJobspowerGate can generate such files automatically and publish them to the ERP system along with metadata, lifecycle state and permissions.