HSMXpress vs. HSMWorks 2D Milling

HSMXpress Screenshot

HSMXpress essentially is HSMWorks 2D now. The MachineWorks-based solid verification is disabled simply because it js licensed from another company so we cannot give it away. However, HSMWorks has it’s own 64-bit Solids based verification (Right click, Show Stock in Simulate) which is very good and continues to be developed. HSMXpress does not include Multi-axis machining or verification.

Everything else is there and there are no limits: Face, Contour, Pocket (even High Speed 2D Adaptive Clearing) Slot, Thread, Bore, 3D Trace (3D Curve), all of the drill cycles, Patterns, Setup Sheets, common post processors, an open Post language, editor, G-code backplotter, and RS-232 communications. It is all the same Kernel which means native 64-bit and true multi-processor, multi-core and hyper-threading support. Both Part and Assembly mode are supported and everything is stored in the SLDPRT or SLDASM.

HSMWorks has announced the release of HSMXpress: the world’s first free CAM solution for SolidWorks.
HSMXpress will redefine the CAM business. An entirely new segment of SolidWorks users can now take advantage of the benefits of integrated CAD/CAM.

What is HSMXpress?

HSMXpress is HSMWorks 2D. That means it is 100% HSMWorks; same 64-bit/multi-core HSMWorks CAM Kernel, 2D Milling and Drilling, HSMWorks Simulation, HSMWorks Post Processor, and HSMWorks Edit. HSMXpress includes generic post processors and like HSMWorks, the post processors are editable by the user provided they can learn JavaScript. The only functionality that we have disabled is Tool Orientation, the primary stock simulation (MachineWorks based), and the multiaxis backplotting in HSMWorks Edit.

Why HSMXpress?

Industry associations estimate that anywhere between 50% and 70% of the machining done on 3-Axis vertical machines is 2D and 2½-Axis machining; 2D Milling and Drilling. Many of these same associations report that use of a formal CAD/CAM solution by those who do this type of work varies widely, as does the use of 3D solid modeling tools.
In other words, in the 2D machining market there is not only no clear leader when it comes to CAM, there are many companies who program these parts manually on the CNC control in G-Code or conversationally, or offline on a PC using software as basic as a text editor like Microsoft’s Notepad or Wordpad. This same group is one of the last remaining segments of users who have yet to purchase a professional 3D solid modeling tool with many using free or low-cost 2D drafting tools or inexpensive and basic solid modeling applications.
HSMXpress creates the opportunity for existing SolidWorks users to immediately see the benefits of an integrated SolidWorks CAD/CAM solution. HSMXpress turns SolidWorks from a 3D solid modeling, design and engineering tool, into a true Design to Manufacturing platform. Or, to use a phrase from the 80s, a true Art-to-Part solution.

How much does HSMXpress cost and who is eligible to download and use HSMXpress?

There is no charge for HSMXpress. HSMXpress may be run by all licensed users of SolidWorks 2010 or newer. Specifically, this means all licensed users of SolidWorks 2010 or newer can register, download, install, and activate HSMXpress including all those with a valid Student, Educational, and/or Commercial/Industrial License.
How do we plan to support HSMXpress?
HSMXpress will be supported exclusively through the HSMWorks/HSMXpress forums at HSM Forum
In addition to receiving support from our staff and applications/support staff inside our channel, users will have the opportunity to support one another and offer advice and suggestions on everything from how to use a certain feature or creatively attack a machining problem (ex, How do I hold this part?) to what tools and coolant they prefer.

Will HSMWorks continue to develop our 2D technology?

Absolutely yes. Every customer of HSMWorks needs the very best 2D milling and drilling tools regardless of whether they are machining simple prismatic parts or if they are doing high-end surfacing machining or multi-axis parts. HSMWorks will continue to develop and innovate across the entire HSMWorks platform including 2D milling and drilling.

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