Manually Activate HSMWorks License-Not Connected to Internet

For automatic activation we require your PC be connected to the internet during the activation process. After activation, you can disconnect from the internet and continue to run HSMWorks. If you do not want to connect the PC to the internet you can still activate your HSMWorks license using the procedures below.

I recommend downloading and printing the Manual Activation Step-by-Step instructions.

Here are the steps for Manual Activation.

What you will need:

1. HSMWorks installed on your PC.
2. Flash drive.
3. A separate computer with internet access.
4. Printed copy of these instructions.
5. Pen and paper.

Here is how you do it:

1. Run Product Activation [Start, All Programs, HSMWorks (or HSMWorks x64), Product Activation.
2. Select “I want to activate this PC using a license number or license file.” If you are not connected to the internet, the Manual Activation process will begin.
3. Enter (or paste) your 25-digit License Number (aka: Activation Code) and select Next.
4. A System ID will be generated. Write down this code or (better) copy it into notepad.
5. Go to on the HSMWorks Support web site:
6. Enter your HSMWorks Activation code and System ID and select the Activate button.
7. Write down the Product Activation Code and copy the License File to a flash drive.
8. Walk back to your PC with HSMWork on it. Enter the Activation Code and select Next.
9. Select the License File from the flash drive.
10. Select Next, Finish.