Term Pricing- You Can “Rent” HSMWorks!

We are very pleased to announce a new way to get HSMWorks for SolidWorks or Inventor: Desktop Subscription. Think of it like “renting” HSMWorks year-to-year. This is the exact same software you would get if purchasing outright (not a cloud-based solution).

“We are really excited to offer this option to our customers”, says Charles Davis, CEO of NexGenCAM. “This is an attractive program, especially for start-ups and small businesses that need to conserve cash. Renting reduces the marginal risk of starting a new enterprise or moving up to 3D machining. It does not take a lot of work to justify the $2470 per year to get professional 3D CAM.”


Conserve cash. Get the technology you need to grow your business now. Let 3D CAM pay for itself as you go. Try it for a full year and if it’s not a good fit, simply choose to let it lapse when it’s time to renew. To view pricing options, please go to www.nexgensolutions.com/hsmworks or www.nexgensolutions.com/inventorhsm. To learn more, call (888) 310-2674 or email sales@nexgencam.com