Expanding into Advanced Machining Applications

Customer Challenge

Founded in 1988, Hastreiter Industries (https://www.hastreiter.industries/) is a family-owned machine shop built on integrity with an ability to provide quality products on time. Hastreiter was challenged with the desire to get into more advanced machining applications including the aerospace and defense industries but did not have the proper tools for success. Lead times have been a challenge in general in the industry and the Company prided themselves in satisfying customers in this area.

Project Goals

Most of the programming had been done conversationally or by hand. Jumping into 5-axis machining in 2016 required more advanced programming capabilities. Also, the Company maintained a priority goal of providing maximum value to customers through staying in the forefront of innovation in capacity, capability, and efficiency.


Besides Hastreiter Industries’ most important assets in their employees, they needed to have state-of-the-art facilities, CNC equipment, and the right CAD/CAM software. NexGenCAM, LLC demonstrated Autodesk PowerMill and FeatureCAM software. It was the clear choice after investigating several other solutions. NexGenCAM partnered with Hastreiter Industries to deliver training and services and, as a result, the Company was able to adopt the software very quickly and saw an immediate ROI.

Business Outcome

The Company’s investments including Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing software enabled them to accomplish the goals of providing state-of-the-art advanced parts for the ever-growing and complex customer base, especially in 5-axis machining.


“We are thrilled about our partner relationship with NexGenCAM and Autodesk. The relationship has evolved to be more than just a vendor/supplier one, but one in which we look at as trusted advisors and extensions to our company. Because of our success and working relationship, an invaluable networking component has also formed opening up doors for both companies to service additional customers.” – Hastreiter Industries


Project Summary

Delivery Date

Project Duration
19 days

Autodesk Solutions

Services Provided
Post Processor Development
Product Training
Technical Support
Business Transformation Consulting