Improving CNC Programming Results

Customer Challenge

Flotec, incorporated in 1983, creates respiratory products that enable providers to save lives. Since the beginning, the core activity has been manufacturing for the medical, industrial, and Original Equipment Manufacturing markets. The products include specialized regulators, pressure reducers, flow control valves, liquid oxygen valves, fill to vent valves, quick disconnect fittings, relief valves, economizers, vent to fill valves for the medical market, customized fluid power connectors, diesel fuel fittings, and their valves for the industrial market.

Project Goals

Flotec has continued to purchase the newest state-of-the-art CNC and Swiss lathes that operate “Lights Out”. These lathes have ten, eight, and seven axis machines that have X, Z, Y, and B axis turrets and we also extensively use polygon turning. We have tried a few different CAD CAM software packages but have found the Partmaker used with Autodesk Fusion 360’s STEP files provides the best results at an economical cost.


The sales staff at NexGenCam were extremely helpful with the whole process using Autodesk softwares. Their technical support of a high-quality product made the solution a true turnkey process.

Business Outcome

We have been able to program parts that we would not been able to complete before PartMaker was available. As a result of adding this technology, we have produced great outcomes on new programming projects. This has led us to begin the process of clean page programming of parts that are have been completed previously and are currently in production. The results are better parts, less scrap, and greatly reduced cycles time. Its like finding a new 10 axis lathe on floor!


We have been in the machining business since 1983 and this product has turned out to be one of the greatest improvements to our business.


Project Summary

Delivery Date

Project Duration
60 days

Autodesk Solutions
Fusion 360

Services Provided
Post Processor Development
Technical Support
Product Training
Workflow Documentation