Zero Defects by Using Moldflow

Customer Challenge

For 60 years, OTTO Engineering has been designing and manufacturing a full line of control switches and for over 25 years, audio accessories for unique and demanding applications. Located in Carpentersville, Illinois, we are recognized worldwide for superior performance and innovative products.

OTTO Engineering is a vertically integrated manufacturer with in-house injection molding, stamping, CNC machining, cable assembly, and cable over-molding capabilities. Our strong mechanical, electrical, and RF Design Engineering capability, world-class test lab, and computer-controlled production line testing is unmatched in the industry.

Otto turned to Autodesk Moldflow to help them reduce cycle time on all parts.

Project Goals

By using Autodesk’s Moldflow, we were trying to achieve efficiencies in the molding process and eliminate “re-dos” that increased time to market and increased cost of production.


When we started the usage of Autodesk’s Moldflow, we were able to minimize lead times in between projects while also minimizing the number of iterations to complete a mold.

Business Outcome

Autodesk’s Moldflow greatly reduced the time it took for our product to get to market and significantly reduced the time spent on perfecting a part to the customer’s standards.


By Using Autodesk’s Molflow, our customers are much happier because their products have zero defects and they get delivery quicker.

Project Summary

Delivery Date

Project Duration
2 days

Autodesk Solutions

Services Provided

  • 3D Printing
  • Injection Molding

Customer Industry