Vault Made our Data Management Simple

Customer Challenge

AMPG is a High Mix Low Volume Make-to-Stock manufacturer with over 50,000 unique products. Our company was started in New York in 1987 as a distributor with manufacturing capabilities coming online in 2002. We manufacture a wide range of products including configurable components, fasteners, machine tool accessories, architectural products, and measuring tool accessories. As our part portfolio grew and became more advanced, we knew we needed a top tear data management software. This is when we found Autodesk’s Vault PDM and partnered with NexGenCAM.

Project Goals

As the complexity of the business grew and we began making more items across more CNC spindles we couldn’t keep up manually with all of the files we required. Autodesk’s Vault PDM automated all of this for us! We needed a way to automatically convert our DWG files into a watermarked PFD and JPG version to send to customers as a flat file and Vault did this for us! We also were interested in a secure and centralized location for our prints as our company grows. Vault was a perfect solution for this as well!


Our business today needs one source of truth, and Vault is that for us. We now have the ability to see who is working on what and are able to track any changes made. This is a great help for us. The automations within Vault have been a big help to get drawing to our sales department much faster. The Vault Thin Client has also been a great resource for the other departments to quickly check the dimensions on a print to answer customer questions or to verify a product before receipt.

Business Outcome

We use Autodesk’s Vault PDM daily. Between checking out parts for review, or creating new parts, it has become part of the daily lives for our Engineering staff. The ability to see who is working on what as well as the built-in “safety” of not being able to accidentally edit or delete a print is huge! We also store the PDF and JPG versions of our drawings in Vault to share with customers and other end users with ease. With our partners at NexGenCAM, we are continuously improving our efficiency in the software and look forward to continuing to see it increase our efficiencies!


With the help of Autodesk Solution Provider NexGenCAM, our transition to Autodesk’s Vault PDM was seamless. Our data migration from different programs all went smoothly. In addition, the training we received from the NexGenCAM team made all the difference and allowed us to jump in both feet first!

Project Summary

Delivery Date

Project Duration
5 days

Autodesk Solutions
Vault PLM

Services Provided

  • Migration
  • Implementation
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Installation
  • Configuration & Deployment
  • System Integration
  • Updates & Upgrades

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